Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

“To be leaders in the Mongolian mining industry through uncompromising standards of safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.” 

Our Mission:

“To follow international leading practice and embrace Mongolian values to benefit our stakeholders.”

Core Values:

Our core values define who we are as a company and how we behave. These values guide actions of everyone at Bayan Airag. 

  • Dignity and Respect

We communicate openly, honestly and regularly to encourage and support people while holding each other accountable. 

  • Teamwork

We express reality-based positivity and one hundred percent committed. We express authentic appreciation and address shared interests.  We clarify roles, accountability and authority.

  • Safety and Environment

We consider the health, safety and environmental consequences in all of our decisions.  We comply with all applicable laws and regulations, while encouraging and promoting leading practices.

  • Business Excellence

We are passionate about building the foundation for business excellence. We seek out and execute operational practices that drive cost effective production, technical and professional excellence.

  • Partnerships and Sustainable Development

We hold ourselves to high ethical standards and business practices. We always strive to fulfill our commitments.

We practice strong social responsibility to our host and neighboring communities. Our legacy will be that to ensure residents and communities be in better situation than before we arrived.

We take at most sincerity towards all complaints and grievance, both real and perceived.