Health, Safety and Training


Bayan Airag Exploration LLC is committed to apply health and safety procedures at all stages of production and operation by determining and reducing the work place risks. We are dedicated to provide a healthy work environment for all employees and contractors by promoting safe work culture and practices. Bayan Airag Exploration strives “To create a safe environment together”.

The company identifies, registers and investigates possible accidents, equipment damages, and near-miss incidents with help of the employees. We implement immediate corrective action and develop policies and plans to prevent future repeats.

The objective of the Occupational Health and Safety is to ensure that HUMAN injuries and illness at the workplaces and EQUIPMENT damages and accidents are at ZERO level.

We believe that The Occupational Health, Safety and Training (OHST) Management must be an inseparable part of the fundamental principles and management systems of the Bayan Airag Exploration LLC in order to achieve this objective.



  • Define and enforce occupational health and safety policies;
  • Establish Occupational Health, Safety and Training Management System;
  • Develop and implement safety rules and procedures;
  • Conduct safety inductions for each workplace and mine site;
  • Provide health and safety awareness training;
  • Develop procedures for hazard identification, risk assessment and implement measures to control the risk
  • Develop a safe working system, practice and habits;
  • Develop procedures and forms for hazard identification, risk assessment and control;
  • Establish a system for reporting and investigating accidents and incidents;
  • Provide personal protective clothing and equipment;
  • Involve employees to ensure that they have a positive responsibility to ensure their own safety and the safety of others and comply with policies and procedures;
  • Develop emergency response plans. Develop and exercise Fire and Rescue team response and preparedness
  • Provide medical care and rehabilitation services
  • Establish a comprehensive and circular system of Policy-Planning-Training-Practice and Habituate-Implementation-Control-Eliminate Risk -Improvement-Implementation