Logistic and Procurement

Logistic and Procurement

The Logistics and Procurement department is responsible for non-stop operation of the mine. The Department’s main roles are to supply, transport and store equipment and materials with proper standards and safety.

In 2018, Bayan Airag Exploration made 54.7 billion MNT worth of procurement, of which 78% was sourced from domestic suppliers and 5.5% from Zavkhan province suppliers. Purchases from a sewing workshop in Durvuljin soum doubled compared to 2017, reaching at 151 million MNT in 2018. Total purchase amount from Zavkhan province was 3.4 billion MNT. 39 new suppliers registered in 2018, and the total registered suppliers from Zavkhan province increased to 123 suppliers.


To register suppliers and receive quotation

Any supplier can introduce their goods and services for cooperation by sending quotation and detailed information to lpd@bayanairag.com. The department follows strict policies and procedures that governs the way we operate and engage with the market and our supplier partners. Through consistent application of these processes, as well as the adoption of standardized templates and commercial and legal terms, we strive to operate fairly and transparently to everyone.

The following documents should be delivered together with the Goods. Please note that incomplete documents will not be processed further for payment.

  • Purchase Order 
  • Packing list, Delivery notice 
  • Invoice
  • VAT slip 
  • MSDS (if required) 
  • Other significant information 
  • Proper package

UB Warehouse Address:

Gurvan gol Baaz, Uildverchnii evlel street, 18th District, Songinokhairhan district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: + (976) 7711 6100 ext: 3111